Who is eligible to participate in the program?

    Only tourist related businesses are eligible to participate within the program. These types of businesses include restaurants, accommodations, among other local attractions. Please see the Draft Uniform Advertising Signage By-law in the document library for the exhaustive list of tourist related businesses. 

    How much will it cost to participate in the program?

    Businesses will be required to pay a $150 permit application fee. This fee will be used to construct and install a business' sign. For each following year, a business will be charged a $40 to ensure the signage is maintained. 

    Where can I advertise if I'm not eligible for the Uniform Signage Program?

    Businesses that are not eligible to participate or choose not to still have the opportunity to advertise outside of the designated by-law areas. This can be done by obtaining a permit from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. 

    Who is responsible to construct, install, and maintain the Uniform Signage?

    The Municipality will be responsible for constructing, installing, and maintaining Uniform Signage through this program. This approach ensures uniformity in signage appearance and quality. 

    The Municipality will also be responsible for removing any illegal signage in the By-law Areas.